focusing on energy and environmental markets,
technologies, regulation and policy

Van Horn Consulting (VHC) applies decades of experience with electricity, fuels and emissions markets, including cap-and-trade markets for SO2 and greenhouse gases (GHG). We help utilities, developers of new technologies, research institutes and market participants evaluate competitive and regulatory issues, review contracts, projects and business strategies.

Our clients have included

Electric and Gas Utilities • Independent Power Project Developers and Operators • Electric Power Research Institute •
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency • Cities • Market Participants.

We conduct rigorous analyses and strategic reviews, prepare expert testimony, provide litigation support and assess procurement bids. From 2007-2014, VHC served major California utilities as Independent Evaluators of offers, negotiations and contracts for conventional and renewable electric power resources, combined heat and power, demand response and natural gas supplies. We have applied and critiqued resource planning, technology assessment, network power flow, production cost, economic and financial models and used them to value power sales agreements, power supply projects and pipelines, analyze integrated resource plans, market rules and regulations, and compare procurement and competitive decisions. Today, VHC assists clients making complex decisions affected by multiple requirements and uncertainties.

In addition, we have directed national energy and environmental policy and technology R&D studies, including New Source Performance Standards and the design of the national SO2 allowance market and potential greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations. VHC helped implement the U.S. cap-and-trade market for SO2 and set the price for the first allowance trade in 1992. Advanced technologies to reduce carbon emissions and workable rules, tariffs and regulations affecting electricity markets are areas of current focus.