About VHC

19-USGeothermalDistribution-EGSupdate-FIG1aFounded in 1987, Van Horn Consulting (VHC) examines energy and environmental markets and contracts, analyzes competitive and regulatory issues, reviews proposed projects and technologies, and devises business strategies.

We have conducted major studies for public and private market participants, EPRI, EPA, electric and natural gas utilities, independent power producers and pipelines.

VHC provides independent reviews, evaluations, litigation support and expert testimony regarding electricity, emissions and natural gas markets and contracts.

From 2007-2014, VHC served as Independent Evaluators for two major electric utilities in California, examining bidding and contracting for renewables, combined heat and power, conventional and demand-side resources, and natural gas.

VHC serves on the Advisory Board for GreenFire Energy, the developer of an innovative geothermal power technology.

Decades of Experience

Evaluating electricity markets, technologies and regulations

  • 20-CA Duck Curve to 2020Analysis of market behavior and rules,
  • Development and assessment of
    • Future technology costs and performance, market penetration, effects of regulations and R & D for EPRI, EPA, DOE, market participants and interested parties,
    • Integrated resource planning processes and results,
    • Property tax valuation
    • Commercialization and market strategies.
  • Evaluation, monitoring and reporting of
    • Requests for Offers for renewable generation, demand response, CHP and conventional electric generation, and natural gas supplies, including economic & valuation methods, short-listing, and the fairness of bids and auctions,
    • Negotiations, contract terms and conditions.

Designing, analyzing and implementing emission performance standards, environmental regulations and cap-and-trade markets

  • Delivered a seminar/training course for the Korea Power Exchange on carbon trading markets around the world,
  • Examined and recommended changes to California ARB rules for CO2 and greenhouse gases, allowance trading, auction behavior & holding limits under AB 32,
  • Performed studies of New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), New Source Review, CEQA, GHG performance standards and carbon taxes,
  • Helped develop cap-and-trade markets for emission allowances – set the price for the first U.S. SO2 allowance trade in 1992, and
  • Forecasted allowance prices, compliance strategies and technology cost and performance for EPRI, TVA, Southern Company & others.

image004 Global GHG Market

Forecasting and evaluating electricity, fuel,
and technology markets and prices

  • Assisted developers of innovative technologies,
  • Conducted reasonableness reviews & prepared expert testimony,
  • Reviewed contracts, operations & fuel switching,
  • Projected market behavior, prices, economics and effects of regulation,
  • Evaluated pipeline alternatives for FERC and PUC hearings, and
  • Provided ongoing advice, analysis and counsel as an Advisory Board member.

SO2allowancesupply&demandfor2005-1992EPRI-VHCstudy VHC-EPRI 1999 Proj US Gen to 2020 by Fuel PredictedSCE-WeightedAvgCostofGas-91-95